We can make it easy for you to control how money flows through the global digital economy. We can consolidate and optimise your payment processing. asd

How it works

It works just like any business account for your transactions. You’ll also have an established network for payments locally in 60 countries at your fingertips, as well as remittances and competitive foreign exchange to over 200 countries.

Accounts in 58 currencies

We can collect funds in 58 currencies, many of which are not commonly collected by banks, across many emerging market currencies.

International Payments

Our global payment solutions enable you to efficiently and securely send payments across the world in over 140 currencies. We are connected to SWIFT gpi and have developed our technology so you can make the overseas payment, from executing spot transactions to sending the funds to your recipient, in as little as two minutes.

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Card Processing

The Cable consolidates global payment providers into a single integration point, optimising the cost of complex payment ecosystems.

We work to reduce your cost of payments acceptance and increase conversion using our dynamic routing engine, a switch solution that allows the intelligent routing of transactions to the most beneficial provider within a multi-acquirer model.

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